Application Control

Having considerable experience in developing and implementing integrated solutions for ATMs, SmartCard-Service JSC is constantly engaged in research and search for solutions to improve the security of software installed on ATMs, terminals, kiosks and other self-service devices. Recently, new software protection tools for detecting malware and preventing unauthorized actions on the device have become more widespread. These include a new class of operating system protection tools - Application control.

Application Control is mostly used as additional protection for the ATM’s control computer. This kind of software allows you to limit the list of allowed manipulations on the device and has great flexibility for controlling legal and unauthorized actions in the operating system. The operation of such devices is based on recognizing “white” and “black” program manipulations and prohibiting to perform actions that are not included in the “white” list.

Application Control is a relatively new area and the main difficulty with such tools lies in their fine and competent configuration that eliminates their own vulnerabilities. SmartCard-Service JSC has successful experience in implementing and developing such solutions. Our company is ready to offer highly qualified assistance in developing a security strategy for your ATM network and protecting it against third-party malicious manipulations.