Currently, SmartCard-Service delivers the TellME 7™ cross-platform solution for ATMs to the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. The solution is designed to be used on equipment of various manufacturers. TellME 7™ Software provides a stable operation of more than 60 types of ATMs from key global manufacturers, including: NCR, DieboldNixdorf, Nautilus Hyosung, OKI, GRG and others. It also supports cash recycling (banknote recycling) devices which are in demand nowadays.

Application Software

SmartCard-Service offers the TellME 7™ application software.
TellME 7 TellME 7™ Payment Engine TellME 7™ WebExtension

Security systems

SmartCard-Service offers solutions for providing information security of an ATM during its operation.
TellME 7™ Advanced Security TellME 7™ EyeTM TellME 7™ EyeTM-SmartDefender Application Control