TellME 7™ EyeTM

TellME 7™ enables integration with a variety of video surveillance systems.

SmartCard-Service JSC develops and offers auxiliary equipment for installing video-surveillance systems, burglar alarms and other additional equipment for ATMs. External structural module – a box on top of the device, brackets, plastic covers for video cameras and more.

TellME 7™ EyeTMis a simple system integrated in TellME 7™. It allows you to record by TellME 7™ commands, on the movement, as well as put captions on images. Any camera can a video source: a USB-camera, an IP-camera, a video capture card. Remote monitoring of system status and archive search is also possible. RTSP stream transmission for additional video systems.

You can activate additional functions of video analytics: face capture, face recognition, and more.

SmartCard-Service JSC offers an opportunity to build a system with any other video recorder, including its integration with TellME 7™. Currently, it is integrated and successfully working with: Lanser, TRAL, SDR, ITV Intellect recorders, as well as regular USB cameras of ATMs.

Our Company also offers an API for independent implementation of such integration.

We are also ready to offer our own development - the SCS-DVR-0104HD DVR, designed specifically for ATMs, terminals and other bank self-service devices. The DVR is integrated with TellME 7™: it records by commands, puts captions on images with subsequent search by caption. The DVR works with any AHD / TVI / CVBS analog cameras, provides high-quality and reliable recording with a resolution of up to FullHD, 25 frames / sec and provides RTSP stream for additional video systems.

The SCS-DVR-0104HD DVR is optimized for operation on poor connection channels. Its functions are restricting the flow to the network, downloading the archive from where the downloading stopped, downloading the archive on a schedule.

The Software combined with the DVR allows you to remotely monitor an ATM network, work with the archive, configure settings, and more.