TellME 7™ Payment Engine

TellME Software offers TellME 7™ Payment Engine, a tool for individual development of business logic and interface.

TellME 7™ Payment Engine Software provides an API that provides bank card service using the ISO8583 protocol of various dialects: OW, Cortex, Tieto, Compas, SV.

This tool is mainly used by our partners to support bank card services on ATMs within their own software solutions. This allows them to significantly reduce Time-to-Market using a turnkey solution and not having to undergo lengthy and expensive certification procedures on international security.

Using this tool, it is possible for the Bank to carry out transactions using a third-party interface. This includes payments, card-to-card transfers (P2P), printing and displaying account statements, and other operations. Operations using the contactless NFC reader can also be performed.

The software includes the «SCS Configuration Utility», designed to make it easy to configure ATMs after installing TellME 7™ Payment Engine.