TellME 7™ WebExtension

TellME 7™ Web-Extension is used to expand the capabilities of standard TellME 7™ screens and business services script screens implemented in TellME 7™, including NDC.

TellME 7™ WEB-Extension offers the display of screens using HTML, flash-animations, video files and other things that can be displayed using the current browser. TellME 7™ provides for simultaneous use of up to ten objects from different browsers that are configured to work according to the specifications provided.

Using TellME 7™ Web-Extension as an interface add-in to TellME 7™ implies exchange of data between them in both directions. Such data may be the structure and parameters of the replaced screen, parameters and input events. Data exchange between TellME 7™ and HTML content can go using a program shell containing a browser or using special ActiveX objects that are part of TellME 7™.

A wide range of ActiveX objects implemented in TellME 7™ not only allows you to access TellME 7™ core information, including financial information, but also get a direct access to working with ATM equipment, such as printers, card readers, EPP keyboards and other equipment.

Implementation of business logic and client script beyond NDC protocol

TellME 7™ Web-Extension provides access to the script of the NDC business service, including NDC buffers, which allows you to take almost all the script and interface beyond the limited capabilities of the standard NDC protocol.

NDC implements only the minimum state-flow, which no longer needs to be changed if it is necessary to implement new business tasks.

Use of HTML screens instead of TellME 7™ screens

If it is necessary to replace standard TellME 7™ screens with HTML pages, you need to consult SmartCard-Service JSC specialists for possible settings, or for finalizing control scripts of an ATM.

Integration with external systems

The web interface provides additional functionality for interacting with external systems. TellME 7™ WEB-Extension allows you to establish functional interaction with billing systems, business management systems (CRM systems, service portals, banking) and other similar systems.